Pensacola Energy Bank Draft Plan Instructions

As part of the City of Pensacola’s commitment to provide our customers with the best service possible, the City is pleased to offer a utility payment option, "Bank Draft Plan".

Bank Draft Plan is a convenient and economical method of paying your gas and sanitation bill. There is no administrative fee charged by the City of Pensacola for participating in this payment option. Your payment will be made automatically by a direct debit to your bank account.

If you elect to use the Bank Draft Plan option, you will continue to receive a monthly bill which will list your current monthly charges to be deducted from your bank account. Your payment will be deducted on your due date or the first business day following your due date. Your bank statement will serve as a record of your payment.

If there are insufficient funds in your bank account on the payment date, or should your banking information change, and you do not inform our office immediately, the automatic payment will not be honored and the bank and/or the City of Pensacola may penalize you for an insufficient funds check (NSF) and you will be assessed a service charge. Upon two dishonored insufficient funds transactions, you will be terminated from the Bank Draft Plan. Extenuating circumstances can be resolved by contacting Customer Service at 435-1800.

To change your bank information, a new authorization form must be completed and submitted. Should you choose to discontinue enrollment, a written notice will be required and a reasonable time must be allowed for the City of Pensacola to act upon the notification.

The Bank Draft Plan enrollment process will take approximately four to six weeks to complete. A confirmation will be sent via letter from Customer Service... During our set up time, please pay your monthly bill until confirmation of the Bank Draft Plan is received.

To authorize the Bank Draft Plan for your gas and sanitation bill, please 'click' the Continue button below and complete the Pensacola Energy Authorized Agreement for Bank Draft Plan.

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